Indonesian man sues wife for defamation after she gossiped about his alleged small penis

A civil servant in Probolinggo, East Java has all but brought national attention to his supposed shortcomings as he’s suing his wife for slander after she allegedly told everyone about his alleged teenie weenie.

The man, identified as 48-year-old HF, manages a government-owned traditional market where his wife, identified as 46-year-old PM, works as a seller. Earlier this week, HF filed a police complaint against PM for allegedly spreading highly TMI stories among fellow market sellers and neighbors about his small penis and how he doesn’t last long in bed. 

PM’s not the only one dealing with the law either, as HF also reported her colleague, 50-year-old NH, for spreading the rumors together with his wife. 

HF said he felt ashamed as the stories about his genitalia have spread far and wide beyond the market and reached his other colleagues, prompting him to take a legal step against his wife. 

“Yes, I reported [my wife] to the police because I feel ashamed and my name has been sullied,” HF said yesterday.

According to HF’s attorney, Siti Zuroidah Amperawati, her client married PM less than a year ago, each bringing children from their previous marriages. The couple has reportedly been in a rough patch for the past couple of months, and PM has since filed for divorce.

“In the family, there are private matters and highly private matters. Something so private shouldn’t be thrown into the public sphere, moreover his wife wanted to file for divorce. She’s still his wife according to the law, their divorce is not yet finalized by the court. How could she do that?” Siti said.

Siti suggested the possibility of HF withdrawing his lawsuit should PM apologize, as they hope that the legal step they’ve taken would teach her a lesson. 

“If she wants to divorce him, end it in a civil manner. No need to air [her partner’s] dirty laundry. This is a lesson for other husbands and wives,” she said.

Joko Murdiyanto, who heads Probolinggo City Police’s crime investigation unit, confirmed that the police are currently looking into the case, adding that his team will soon summon the parties involved. 

This isn’t the only penis-related legal matter in Indonesia in recent times. On the other end of the measuring tape, a man sued his son-in-law last year because he believes the latter’s “oversized penis” was the cause of his daughter’s death (it wasn’t).

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