JKT48’s Olla becomes second member of idol group to test positive for coronavirus

Another member of popular idol group JKT48 has contracted COVID-19, it has been confirmed, making her the second member of the group to be infected by the novel coronavirus. 

The group confirmed in an official statement yesterday that Febriola Sinambela had tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday. Her last contact with other JKT48 members and staff was on Sept. 13, and she had not engaged in any activities related to the girl group since then. 

Olla, as she’s more popularly known, is in the same sub group with Flora Shafiqa, the first JKT48 member to test positive for the coronavirus. She took coronavirus tests separately after all JKT48 members and staff, who were tested following Flora’s diagnosis in late September.

“At the moment, Olla’s condition is normal without any symptoms. [She] has also received medicine and vitamins from the hospital and will undergo self-isolation at home,” the statement reads.

The 15-year-old singer took to Twitter yesterday to inform her fans about her condition.

“Hi guys, don’t worry, I’m alright. Praise God I have no symptoms at all. Thank you everyone for praying for me and encouraging me. You guys also have to take care of your health! Stay safe everyone, love you,” Olla tweeted.

As for Flora, the singer was discharged from the hospital on Monday and has been self-isolating at home since. 

JKT48 was formed in 2011 as the sister group of Japanese idol group-slash-social phenomenon AKB48. Yasushi Akimoto, AKB48’s producer and creator, created the girl group with their own theater where they perform almost every day.

The group is big on the concept of getting up close and personal with fans, with one of their biggest draws being the “handshake” events in which fans can meet and greet the members in person.

The name “AKB48” derives from the location of their theater in Akihabara, Tokyo. Other than Indonesia, Akimoto has since expanded the concept to several countries such as China (SNH48 for Shanghai, which later formed sister groups in other cities such as BEJ48 for Beijing), Thailand (BNK48), and the Philippines (MNL48), among others.

AKB48 and its concept groups are divided into different teams, each with their own captain, setlists of songs, and persona. As for JKT48 itself, it’s divided into three groups called Team J, Team KIII, and Team T, the latter of which Olla and Flora belong to.

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