Livid Indonesian man brings huge python to gov’t office demanding construction project

We’re sure there are countless ways to secure government projects, either fairly or illicitly, and now we can add coercion via snake flexing as an option, albeit a terrible one, for the latter.

A man in West Bandung regency has been charged with threatening a public official after he brought a humongous python to the office of the regency’s Public Works and Public Housing department. In a video that has circulated widely, the man can be seen angrily demanding that the head of the department give him a construction deal, with the slithering reptile resting on his lap the whole time.

Police have arrested the man, identified as 50-year-old J, and secured the four meter python.

“[J] confessed to threatening the head of PUPR. He demanded for a construction project because it had been several years since he secured one,” Cimahi Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Yohannes Redhoi Sigiro said today.

In accordance with the Criminal Code, J may face up to four years in prison for threatening or coercing a public official.

It hasn’t been confirmed if J brought the snake simply to scare the department head (very likely) or if the suspect was going to use the reptile as a weapon as if he was muggle Voldemort (admittedly much less likely).

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