Not soy clever: Prison officials find illegal antidepressants smuggled in tofu

Ingenuity is key for smuggling contraband into prison (not that we’re speaking from experience). But it appears that, in Indonesia, prison officials can still sniff out smuggled drugs where one might least expect: a yummy tofu dish.

Recently, a video went hugely viral showing corrections officers making a drug smuggling bust in a tofu stew that was delivered to the prison for an inmate. In front of a man who appears to be the smuggler, the officers tore apart the cubes of fried tofu to find small plastic packages containing what is colloquially known as pil anjing (dog pills), which are illegal antidepressants often abused for its hallucinogenic properties.

“These can create chaos in the entire prison,” the officer on the left said as he unwrapped the pills.

We’re not sure whether we should be more impressed by the smuggler’s ingenuity (even though it failed him) or the officers for making the bust. We doubt sniffer dogs would have been able to detect the pills through all that spicy stew.

It’s not yet known where or when the video was taken, but it appears the officers were wise enough to check inside the tofu based on an identical smuggling incident at a prison in Mojokerto, East Java in January. Back then, a woman was arrested after she dropped off tofu stew for an inmate and officers found 400 pills stuffed inside the dish.

That said, this wasn’t even the hardest prison smuggling attempt to pull off. That title would probably go to the time when pills were hidden inside the hard exterior of snake fruits or when meth was hidden inside the crumbly shell of peanuts, both videos of which have also gone viral recently off the back of the tofu stew bust.

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